Monday, 16 January 2017

5 tips to top up your water intake

Fresh water
Fig 1. Lovely fresh water
Believe it or not, there are some people out there who (whisper it) don’t like drinking water. Mind boggling, we know. Here at The Water Cooler Today, we are water’s number one fans, and we’ve pooled our knowledge and resources to help you increase your intake of H20, to feel happier, healthier, and more alert! Let’s jump into it…

1.       Spice up the flavour

Lemon water
Fig 2. Water with a slice of lemon
If the taste of plain water is too much for you, there’s an easy solution – change it! You can filter your drinks for a purer taste, or carbonate your water for a sparkling sensation. There are some fantastic bottles available currently that enable you to infuse fruit into your water, but if you don’t fancy splashing the cash, simple freeze a slice of lemon or lime and drop it into your bottle.

2.       Remind yourself

Smart phone
Fig 3. Smart phone with apps

Most people don’t hit their water target because they simply forget. But do not fear, there are apps available to help you! Apps like Carbodroid, Waterlogged, and Daily Water Free will keep track of how often you drink, as well as reminding you when you’re falling behind. For a less high tech reminder, draw measurement lines and time restrictions on the bottle you drink from.

3.       Update your receptacle

Plastic bottle
Fig 4. Disposable plastic bottles
Don’t tell me you’re drinking out of a plain old glass or plastic disposable bottle? How embarrassing… Find yourself a bottle or glass that you will remember to take everywhere, maybe it’s shaped in an amusing way, maybe you can hook it onto your belt – find a bottle that works for you. If sipping away at water is boring, jazz up the process with a straw cup or fancy straw. If it works for five year olds, it’ll work for you too.

4.       Hydrate alternatively

Herbal tea
Fig 5. Herbal tea
We require around eight glasses of fluid per day, but these don’t have to be through plain water. You can sip on fruit juice, sparkling water, coffee, herbal tea, or tonic water. Experiment with the soft drinks aisle until you find your hydration groove. One word of warning, however. Lay off the fizzy drinks! The amount of sugar you’ll find in a glass of fizzy drink will diminish any health benefit you’ll gain from upping your hydration.

5.       Include your food

Slice of watermelon
Fig 6. Watermelon
You don’t even need to drink all of your eight glasses, as lots of fruit and vegetables provide a huge hit of hydration. Nibbling on fruit like watermelon (92% water), or grapefruit (91%) water, as well as vegetables like cucumber (at a whopping 96% water), will go a long way to contributing to your fluid levels, as well as gaining some lovely vitamins from your food as a bonus.

Now we’ve shared our water wisdom with you, you’ve got no excuse for not hitting your hydration targets. We know that being properly hydrated increases our productivity, alertness, digestion, and skin, so get yourself to a tap right now!  

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