Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Our favourite apps for office management

Office management can be a complicated affair, it involves keeping up to date with staff members, productivity, progress reports, facilities maintenance, and that's before we even get started on the projects at hand! Luckily, we have modern technology on our side, and in our phones, to help us make things a little simpler.

This week, we're bringing you our favourite apps that we've found helpful for office management.


Wunderlist dashboard
The Wunderlist dashboard 
Here at The Watercooler Today, we don't know what we'd do without our Wunderlist app! Wunderlist is a list and task manager app that is free, and available on iOS, Android, and on your browser. You can create to do lists, which you can then group into categories, set reminders for, and enable push notifications. 

To join Wunderlist, follow this link

Basecamp 3 

Basecamp 3
Basecamp 3's conversation feature 

Basecamp 3 is an office management app that is available on iOS, Android, and on your browser. It helps managers to ensure that the workplace is running smoothly when they are out of the office.

This app has various features, it allows workers to store and share files and contracts, track staff progress, set to do lists, and monitor deadlines. Staff can create discussions, and provide activity reports. Want to find out more about Basecamp? Their website can be found here.


Asana dashboard
The Asana dashboard 
Asana is a free workplace productivity app, that is available on iOS, Android, and on your web browser. Asana tracks the progress of your project managers, and aims to improve communication among employees and managers. 

The app facilitates staff conversations, tracks the progress of projects, managers a calendar, and provides an inbox. Asana also links up to other webs and apps such as Google Chrome, Slack, GitHub, and Google Drive. You can find more information on the Asana website here

Google Hangouts 

Google Hangouts app
The app 
You can always rely on Google for a high quality, free, productivity app that simplifies your life, and Google Hangouts is no exception. Google Hangouts is available on iOS, Android, and through your web browser. Like all Google extensions, you can sync Google Hangouts with your Google calendar, your Chrome Browser, your Gmail account, plus any other Google apps you can find! 

Google Hangouts is essentially Whatsapp or Skype on a larger scale. It enables you to host video and/or chat meetings with up to 25 people, using either voice, video, or text. You can find the extension in the app store, or via their website here


An oldie, but a goodie, this list would definitely be lacking without Dropbox. Dropbox is a collaborative working app that is free, and available on iOS, Android, and on your web browser. It allows users to upload, download, edit, and update files online. All varieties of document formats can be shared, whether it's a video, photo, or word document. These can then be shared with groups of people via an email invite or hyperlink.

If you'd like to utilise Dropbox, you can join on their website


Evernote is a super useful free extension and app that is available on iOS, Android, and on your web browser. It allows you to write lists and notes, store photos, as well as collecting articles (via the browser extension), that you find useful or relevant.  It is highly accessible and has been created to be user friendly, so that everyone in your team can utilise, from the most to the least tech-savvy. 

You can find Evernote in your app store, or you can find out a bit more on their website, here

Have you tried any of these apps, or do you have apps that you just couldn't live without? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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