Friday, 24 March 2017

Why keep your workplace hydrated?

Employees must provide workers with an adequate source of drinking water, this should be free from contamination, and ready accessible, due to the Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations, 1992. So, we know that we must hydrate our workers - but what benefit does this provide us?

1. Being properly hydrated makes us more productive

We've all experienced that productivity lag, when we feel like we've lost the motivation and run out of steam. Instead of running out of steam, have you ever considered that you may have run out of hydration? When we're dehydrated, our cognitive function slows down, affecting our concentration levels, process speed, and alertness level.

Hydration helps the section of our brain that operates the 'Fight or Flight' response. The Fight or Flight response negotiates how we respond to situations that require immediate attention - do we stay and 'fight' it, or do we run away? When we are in Fight or Flight mode, we are at peak performance, with sharp responses and high alertness. Biologists have discovered that the Fight or Flight response has evolved from our ancestors, to protect them from predators. In the modern office, our Fight or Flight response comes into play when a deadline is looming, or we are in a stressful situation.

2. Being properly hydrated makes us more accurate

When we're dehydrated, our brain tissues reduce in size, affecting the section of our brain that deals with executive function, the frontal lobes. Our frontal lobe is in charge of visuo-spatial processing and planning. When we hydrate our brains fully, our planning skills improve dramatically, improving our projects and tasks.

3. It improves our health

British doctors have discovered that one in five patients reporting symptoms of extreme fatigue could actually be suffering from dehydration. Proper hydration allows us to maintain our bodily fluids, energises our muscles, and maintains our kidney function. Thereby, properly hydrating your employees will reduce sick days and work illness.

So there you have it, hydrating your employees will improve productivity, stress response, and project outcomes. Why wouldn't you?

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